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We want you to be happy with our service and will do everything we can to resolve any issues. However, to avoid any misunderstanding our services are provided under the following terms:

1.0 General Terms

  1. Websites, domains and email services are sold on a minimum 12 month contract, renewable annually with 1 months notice.
  2. Our websites are guaranteed free of operational errors for 12 months. This guarantee excludes 3rd party scripts and open source applications where our responsibility is limited to reporting the issue to the developer. For service affecting issues we will update the application or source an alternative.
  3. All websites are provided to clients under their full editorial control. We will not knowingly publish
    libelous or illegal material. We do not accept any responsibility for the legality of content.
  4. The website owner is responsible for the legality of their business. We cannot be held responsible for the website’s compliance with any legislation.
    If directed by the relevant authorities or we become aware of illegal activity the website will be disabled with immediate effect without compensation.
  5. Websites designed by us must retain a text or button ‘designed by Lamtha2’ link to our website.
  6. Where a template has been employed, the website design is provided on a non-exclusive basis.
  7. We own copyright on all work. We are happy to transfer copyright to you but you must acknowledge us as the original designer and agree their use (including your associated imagery, business logo etc) for our own promotional purposes.
  8. We design bespoke websites, logos etc in good faith but do not complete formal trademark checks. We recommend that you carryout such such checks before our designs are included in significant branding operations. We accept no liability for any financial or other losses incurred in relation to trademark infringement.
  9. Browser compatibility – during site construction will ensure operational compatibility with current versions of the following
    browsers; Internet Explorer {XP IE8, Vista IE9, Win8 IE10+), Opera, Firefox, Chrome and Safari at a screen
    resolution of greater than 1024×768 viewed at 100%. We make a best effort to minimise visual differences between browsers. We cannot guarantee future browser compatibility.
  10. Colour matching is to a Windows gamma of 2.2. We are not responsible for colour differences which may be apparent across different monitors and operating systems.
  11. Script operation – our standard hosting and maintenance package does not provide any guarantee of
    future compatibility with external technology changes which may include but is not limited to HTML, CSS, server side scripts e.g PHP, ASP, client side scripts
    e.g. Java, Javascript and and client side operating system updates. Our Premium maintenance offer guarantees to resolve issues or provide an agreed alternative.
  12. Search engine inclusion and placement in search results is neither guaranteed nor implied unless expressly included in our contract/quotation.
  13. Hosting services are provided with an expectation that site traffic
    is within reasonable levels or as stated in our offer of service/renewal; site traffic levels are reviewed periodically
    and may result in an increased host fee at renewal.
  14. Site Maintenance is offered within the limits of that stated in our offer of service/renewal. Inclusive maintenance is a fixed monthly limit and any unused allowance does not accrue.

2.0 Telephone & Email Services

  1. The use of our email services for bulk emailing is prohibited.
  2. Telephone numbers are sold on a 90 day contract. Subscriptions may be cancelled and numbers ported to another supplier (a suitable porting agreement must be in place) after the minimum term with one months notice.
    All telephone numbers are provided on condition that they are used for at least 10 minutes in any 90 day period. If numbers are not used they may be withdrawn.

3.0 Cancellation of Service

  1. Transfer of domains must be requested at least 60 days prior to renewal. Transfer requests within 60 days of renewal will incur domain renewal fees.
  2. Refund policy – our domain, hosting and email services are provided on 12 month contracts and as such no refunds are offered for cancellations with the contract period. For other services the following applies: refund of the remaining period less 3 months.
  3. Website files can be provided by downloadable .zip file at at chargeable rate of 1 hour per site. Where assistance is required to relocate your service/website this activity is chargeable.
  4. If you are not satisfied and we cannot resolve your issue you may cancel at anytime subject to loss of fees paid.
  5. In the event of cancellation before completion all costs incurred by us (such as incurred time or the purchase of templates/scripts/licences) are chargeable. Where appropriate our fees will be deducted from the deposit paid.

4.0 Fees & Late Payments

  1. Website products require a deposit upon your agreement of our proposal and your instruction to proceed.
  2. Your payment of a deposit confirms agreement to our terms & conditions.
  3. Depending upon your exact requirements, website production is usually completed within 30 days unless otherwise stated within our offer.
  4. Where website production is delayed beyond 30 days due to client (e.g. by failure to provide content or other) we will invoice you for the work done to date.
  5. Where website production is delayed beyond 3 months due to client we reserve the right to invoice for work completed and terminate our contract with you.
  6. The balance of fees due are payable by the completion/renewal date. Failure to complete payment by the due date will result in your service being suspended.
  7. If your service is suspended an admin fee will be payable to reinstate service.
  8. Late payment and administration charges will be applied to overdue invoices. If you fail to pay any sums due to us by the due date, we reserve the right to charge you interest on all overdue sums at the rate of 10% per month above the base rate set by our bankers from time to time from the due date for payment until the date payment is received in full in cash or cleared funds. We may also charge you an administration fee of £25 to cover the increased costs incured by us.
  9. If you fail to pay our invoice by the due date then you will be liable for all legal costs, civil recovery agency fees and other expenses which may be incurred in the recovery or attempted recovery of the over due amounts from you.
  10. If you fail to pay our invoice we may reduce your hosting/supprt term by an equivalent ammount.
  11. From time to time we offer included hosting, maintenance and other services free of charge. These services have no monetary value and cannot be exchanged.

Our terms stated herein are subject to change without notice. This agreement does not affect your statuatory rights.