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When we create your website we observe W3C practices to help ensure web accessibility , browser compatibility and search engine placement. Techniques include coding with xHTML and designing CSS based layouts with page content separated from page presentation; using relevant page titles and page file names which match the page’s main subject; including alt tags for all photos and completing meta tag descriptions and keywords to enable the search engines to understand and rank your site’s content. By using these techniques we achieve consistent SEO results.

When complete we submit your site to the top search engines such as MSN, Live, Yahoo and of course Google. For clients for whom search engine placement is vital to their business we offer the following services:

  • Search engine optimisation – in order to maximise your search engine placement we can analyse the content and keyword density of the text on each of your website’s pages, make the necesary refinements and submit each page individually to the search engines. 
  • Getting Results – Unlike many of our competitors we don’t promise you a 1st place listing for obscure searches that are never made; by following tested techniques we can help get your site ranked highly for searches that are actually made – let us show you how we rank number 1 on Google and top YahooBing and other search engines for phrases such as ‘Aylesbury Website Design’ and ‘Buckinghamshire Web Designer‘.
  • Paid search engine submission – increasingly the more popular search engines are charging for submission so at your request we can submit all your pages to the paid search engines such as yahoo, MSN and Ask Jeeves.
  • Adwords Management – online marketing such as Overture and Google’s Adwords can be very effective in bringing qualified prospective customers to your site. We can manage your entire campaign, including creating your advert text and optimising your trigger keywords.
  • Email marketing – if you have a mailing list we can create html emails, newsletters etc complete with your branding for distribution.
  • Link exchange – search engine inclusion and ranking is now very dependant upon having other websites link to your site. We can search and exchange links with other complementary websites on your behalf. We can also include your site in our website clients portfolio.
  • Realtime stats – all our website clients are provided with access to realtime site statistics so you can see details of who your vistors are, where they come from, what search engine & keywords they used to find your site and what pages they looked at, all via your web browser. Use this information to understand what your vistors like and dislike about your website. See a demo of our website stats system here.