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Safari renders colours differently from other browsers

Did you know that when you view the web via Apple’s Safari browser you may not be seeing the same colours as the designer intended or as they are viewed in other browsers?

It’s all to do with embedded colour profiles in images and for web developers who use photoshop it’s an easy mistake to make. Photoshop is ‘designed’ for photographers and by default it renders it’s output adhering to the cameras colour profile and so does Safari.

The problem is that other browsers ignore the embedded ICC and WCS profiles.ducati

In this example in the right the motorcycle looks Green in Safari and Blue in all other browsers that ignore the ICC profile.

Download the image and look at it in Vista’s windows explorer (not internet explorer) and you’ll see that the motorcycle looks Red since Vista observes the image’s WCS profile.

So if you want your website to look the same to everybody and your web designer uses photoshop (instead of the far superior Fireworks) make sure he/she strips out any embedded colour profiles in the images he/she uses.

**** update Oct ****

Perhaps a little off topic there is another colour problem with Apple Macs, namely that Apple’s use a different display gamma to Windows PCs (1.8 vs 2.2) with the result that colours appear lighter in Macs – see a comparison of what an Apple user sees vs what a Wiindows PC user sees here.

In fact Apple even encourages Mac owners to change their default gamma from 1.8 to 2.2 – quote;

“Because Windows PCs use 2.2 gamma, images edited in the traditional Mac 1.8 gamma will appear incorrectly to most viewers on the Internet”,see here.

Thankfully with the Snow Leopard OS Apple have finally switched to a default gamma of 2.2 i.e the same as Windows and Apple users will now see the darker blue’s etc which us designers in Windows had always intended! Read more here.