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Designing for Mobile Devices

Increasingly people are surfing the internet via mobile phones and other small form devices such as tablets, so if your website is not accessible via a mobile phone then you’re missing out on a potential audience of 175 million!

It’s a common misconception that you need a separate website for mobile phone users. The iPhone and other smartphones with their desktop compatible web browsers have negated the need for special websites tailored for mobile phones so you no longer need to maintain a separate mobile website. However, a seperate mobile website with reduced content specifically targetting the requirements of your mobile users is often the best solution.

At Lamtha2 we can build you a website which follows accesibility guidelines for multiple platforms including smart phones and tablets. By using techniques such as, HTML5 and CSS3 we separate the website’s design presentation from the website’s page content thus allowing your website to be viewable across multiple form factors.operaminiscreenshot

Responsive and adptive layouts

As the number of mobile devices and variety of screen resolutions expands exponentially it is becoming increasingly difficult to build a one size fits all website. Responsive or adaptive web design addresses this problem and alleviates the need to manage a separate mobile website.

Responsive or adaptive; what  is the difference? Simply responsive layouts are fluid grids which adjust to the available screen size, and adaptive layout use fixed breakpoints so that different layouts is used dependant upon the devices screen size.

This website is an adaptive layout, our recommended option – adjust your browser window size to see how the layout responds to varying window sizes. 

By building a website which not only responds to the size of the browser window but also adjusts the page layout according to the device in use we can offer a single website which works seamlessly across mobiles, tablets and PCs. Of course this is a lot more work but we think it is worth the extra expense of what should be a future proofed approach.

Mobile Optimised Websites

Of course many businesses prefer to cater for their mobile audience with a mobile optimised version of their website. By using automatic mobile device detection we can route your site’s visitors to the most appropriate domain; either your main site or a mobile optimised variant:, or – see example here