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Photoshop vs Fireworks

I should really have entitled this something like ‘Adobe.. please don’t drop Fireworks’.

With the advent of Adobe’s CS suite, Adobe are repositioning Fireworks as a ‘web protoytyping tool’, no doubt making room for Photoshop and Illustrator to fully takeover it’s position as the top graphics tool for web designers.

As a Fireworks user I like it’s purpose built apporach to web design, I like the fact that I can edit both vectors and bitmaps without thinking, I like that I can get on with the job without worrying about layers and I like that it has pixel accurate positioning.

Conversely, Photoshop is a bitmap tool for image editing, it has way more photo oriented functions than I will ever know or understand, I hate that it observes image’s ICC profiles (yet browsers don’t), I hate that it’s default views all relate to print size rather than pixels, I hate that I can’t just select a layer by clicking on that element on the canvas and I personally find using it frustratingly unintuitive.

Fireworks offers all the functionality (of Photoshop and Illustrator) that web designers require in one application so from a productivity perspective it will save time by you not having to import/export between applications.

If you are using Photoshop for your web design work and, if you are, the chances are it’s only because you’re coming from the print world and sticking with what you know, do yourself a favour and have a read of ‘Why chose Fireworks?’ by Stephanie Bergeron.

Hopefully you and others will start to appreciate why Fireworks is the best design application for the web and then the application will have a bright future.

For another perspective there is a useful debate from other designer’s view point in Photshop vs Fireworks and a very good comparison by speckyboy.