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Monthly Archives: November 2008

Unwanted space when using the P tag in tables

We’ve all done it – used a table to layout a contact form or a repeating data item on a dynamic page. When it comes to styling these tables we use h1, h2, p tags and everyting looks fine in Internet Explorer.. job done.

The touble is IE collapses the margin above and below the P tag when placed in a table but other browsers do not which results in ugly spaced out text labels and boxes.

Don’t forget to add margin to your p tags.

Photoshop vs Fireworks

I should really have entitled this something like ‘Adobe.. please don’t drop Fireworks’.

With the advent of Adobe’s CS suite, Adobe are repositioning Fireworks as a ‘web protoytyping tool’, no doubt making room for Photoshop and Illustrator to fully takeover it’s position as the top graphics tool for web designers.